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Catuaba Nourishing Essence

What is CATUABA?

Catuaba Nourishing Essence is an assimilation of both ancient and modern knowledge proven with scientific researches. It consist of ultra concentrated herbal medicine essences. Together with unique and patented extraction technology, 100% off the active extraction process. This ultra concentration and special formula is the underlying secret recipe that enables it to perform with such astonishing effects.

It is definitely a remarkable and trail blazing product and recognized as among the best in the market. According to a survey, men are facing plethora of health problems and in the statistic is still increasing. Their health condition is gradually deteriorating and this had become a threat that ultimately leads to pains and suffering.

Scientific studies and researches on this Catuaba have revealed that it can do wonders when it comes to male sexual performance. Catuaba helps in fighting against fatigue and exhaustion, thus the person feels ready for sex, and has a high sex- drive with both the mind and the body prepared for an intercourse.

During sex, men can experience better libido boost. They will not have to worry about premature ejaculation during foreplay, and they can enjoy appropriate erection during the intercourse. Also, you will not feel tired in the middle of the intercourse, as with regular consumption of Catuaba, your sexual endurance increases. So you can enjoy love- making for longer durations, giving your partner great pleasure.

Catuaba works for the overall health of the body too. And you will feel much fresher, relaxed and confident with its regular consumption.


-Saw Palmetto
-Pumpkin Seed
-Peach Fruit extract
-Apple extract
-Horny Goat

1 Box (8 Sachets) RM140
1 Sachets RM20

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